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National News

Unfair fares

by New Worker correspondent

THE Government have come up with another wheeze to get people into their cars. It plans to put up the price of train season tickets. According to ancient tradition, the annual January increase depends on the July inflation figure. This year, because of an unexpected jump in the July figure, they will be going up 1.6 per cent.

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Travel news

by New Worker correspondent

READERS looking for a holiday at home this year might think of heading off to the Turnberry Hotel on the Ayrshire coast – where they can enjoy a round of golf for as little as £225 if they are wise enough to book at the right time of day, instead of a £395 slot.

They should not, however, forget about the workers who are facing redundancy at what is one of Donald Trump’s recent acquisitions.

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Unco-operative banking

by New Worker correspondent

TUESDAY morning saw the announcement by the Co-operative Bank that it was cutting 350 jobs or 11 per cent of the workforce and closing 18 of its 68 branches. All recruitment is being halted. As is the custom these days, the cuts were blamed on the COVID-19 crisis and a cut in the Bank of England interest rate to an historic low of 0.1 per cent. The bank also claims that branches were selected for closure after an analysis of footfall over the course of 2019, before the start of the pandemic, as a result of the popularity of online banking. Most affected will be middle management and head office roles and those at the targeted branches.

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Election Fever

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE next Holyrood election is about nine months away, but they seem to be as never-ending as US elections. The SNP are firm favourites to win at present. That could change however, if people start to take notice of the vicious internal SNP splits that are being revealed by the ongoing inquiry into the SNP’s handling of allegations against former First Minister Alex Salmond.

It is also possible that people will take account of the fact that the SNP’s handling of the pandemic is mainly complaining about what Boris Johnson has done before implementing the very same policies under a slightly different name a few days or weeks later.

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Zionist troll

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

Edward Sutherland, an Ayrshire schoolteacher specialising in religious and moral education, is being investigated over his fitness to teach by the General Teaching Council for Scotland after he admitted making anti-Semitic slurs on a Facebook page.

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MI6 agents have ‘licence to kill’ renewed

by Jason Dunn

SECRET SERVICE agents have had their licence to kill renewed after a nearly 60-year suspension a top government minister reveals. The powers of MI6 agents have long been largely undisclosed to the British public, relying on fictional spy movies to get a glimpse behind the secretive curtain of the UK’s intelligence services.

Last week Baroness Goldie, the Government’s spokesperson in the House of Lords on all defence matters, responded to a question regarding the targeting of assumed threats “located in non-belligerent states”.

“The Government may draw on a wide range of tools including, in extremis, the use of lethal force where there is no other effective option,” she said.

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Coming soon: A fine pandemic drama

by Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez

PREDICTABLY, sooner than one could imagine, the ‘pandemic show’ in the hands of the dominant ideology is about to appear on the big screen in cinemas, or more likely on living-room televisions soon enough. It is not difficult to foresee the corporate producers’ upcoming projects.

With box office favourites as leading men along with some of the most objectified actresses on the market, in this order, we will see a gripping drama about a ‘love story’ full of the latest fashionable scientific notions and the inevitability of a war between China, Russia and the USA for control of a miraculous vaccine and the planet, in which good and evil face off in the transnational pharmaceutical arena. The film will feature strong ‘horror movie’ elements.

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It was only a matter of time!

by Rossotrudnichestvo correspondent

WELL DONE to Thomas Arthurton for having one of his works selected for the final exhibition of the National Portrait Gallery’s world-famous BP Portrait Award 2020; it’s a fantastic work of art!

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International News

Kenosha shooting shatters myth of American freedom

by Wang Wenwen

WITH THE continuing outrage and protests against police brutality and racism in the USA remaining unaddressed, new unrest has been sparked in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after police shot a black man in the back seven times as his three sons watched.

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Modern slavery in the US

by Raúl Antonio Capote

MILLIONS suffer under modern slavery around the world. The term refers to the sub-human working conditions to which millions of human beings are exposed, including forced labour, sexual slavery, trafficking in persons, imposed marriages and child labour.

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Russia strengthens ties with Iran

by Tim Korso

THE Iranian envoy to Russia says military co-operation with the Kremlin “will reach new levels” in the future. The announcement comes as a United Nations embargo on weapons sales to the Islamic Republic is about to expire amidst continuing opposition to the move by the USA.

Military co-operation between Iran and Russia is constantly accelerating and “will reach new levels” in the future, the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to Moscow, Kazem Jalali, has said. The envoy noted that as part of this work, Iranian Defence Minister Amir Khatami had arrived in Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart and several other high-profile defence officials.

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‘Black Ribbon Day’: more lies from the bourgeois camp!

by Nikos Mottas

THE European Union once again resorts to hideous anti-communism on the occasion of the so-called ‘European Day of Remembrance for victims of Stalinism and Nazism’ (known as ‘Black Ribbon Day’), which is observed annually on 23rd August.

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Global campaign frees Palestinian campaigner

by Kathy Durkin

MAHMOUD NAWAJAA is free! An international campaign has pressured Israel to release the general co-ordinator of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement from detention. Armed Israeli forces charged into Nawajaa’s home near Ramallah in occupied Palestine on 30th July and brutally seized him. He was illegally held without charges until a military court freed him on 17th August.

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The new Cold War

by Rob Gowland

OR PERHAPS the heading should more correctly be “The Renewed Cold War”, for the original Cold War against the USSR never really ended. How could it? After all, it was simply a manifestation of the class war between capital and labour, between bosses and workers. And that won’t end until we have Socialism and do away with exploiting classes once and for all.

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Seán Russell and the IRA of the 1940s

by Mícheál Mac Donncha

EIGHTY YEARS ago, on 14th August 1940, Seán Russell died on a German U-Boat and his body was committed to the sea. It was a journey that he began as a founder member of the Irish Volunteers and ended as IRA Chief of Staff attempting to return to Ireland from Germany.

Russell’s name was in the news again recently when, in the wake of attacks on statues in various countries, his statue in Fairview Park was dubbed controversial by Fine Gael Tánaiste (vice-president) Leo Varadkar and by a local Fine Gael Dublin City councillor. It was not the first time the Russell statue was used to attempt to score points at modern Sinn Féin, for party political point-scoring is what it was. Having got their media soundbites Fine Gael did not carry out their threat to seek the statue’s removal. other elements vandalised the monument, however, and not for the first time.

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