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Trump fans the flames!

Fightback News! (USA) edited

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump pushed his racist “law and order” agenda in Kenosha, the Wisconsin city racked by violence after a white cop shot unarmed Black man Jacob Blake seven times in the back and the murder of two Black Lives Matter protesters by a teenage gunman two days later.

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On the wages front

by New Worker correspondent

DESPITE the pandemic, which has forced trade unions to focus on saving jobs and secure safe working conditions, the struggle for decent pay continues. According to London based “human resources data provider” XpertHR, workers in the private sector said recent pay deals in the three months to July for the private sector offer a median annual pay rise of 0.5 per cent, drastically down from 2.2 per cent in the previous three readings. Pay freezes were the result of 40 per cent of settlements.

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I’m all right Jack…?

by Ray Jones

WHILE A DEGREE of co-operation and collectivism is essential for humans to survive and to produce what they need in the way of food and shelter etc, the rise of capitalism produced an emphasis on the individual not seen before in the name of increased profits.

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The worst of the worst

THIS WEEK that worthy tome, the Washington Post, concluded that Mike Pompeo, the USA’s foreign minister, was “the worst secretary of state in history”, in an article that claimed Pompeo had defied legal mandates from Congress, ordered staffers to carry out errands for himself and his family, and fired the State Department’s inspector general who was investigating Pompeo’s violations.

In an opinion piece published on Monday, Jackson Diehl said Pompeo “has failed to fill dozens of senior positions at the State Department, and hundreds of career diplomats have left or been driven out in political purges”.

Diehl wrote that the State Department’s morale is at an historic all-time low, citing surveys which showed that people who think senior leaders of the State Department “did not maintain high levels of honesty and integrity” grew by 34 per cent between 2016 and 2019.

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