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The September New Worker appeal has kicked off with £528 in the bag including £50 from a Cardiff supporter including a tenner from a London reader and another £10 from a supporter in Dagenham. We now need to raise a further £2,972 to hit our £3,500 target by the end of the month. Millions are out of work or on short-time. Homelessness is rising, the education system is a shambles and the Government is floundering over the coronavirus crisis. This is capitalism in its death-throws. There is a way out of the crisis but you wouldn’t know it if you simply listened to the weak and ineffectual leader of the Labour Party these days.We need to put the case for communism back on the agenda throughout the labour movement. We can do it with the New Worker – our communist voice. The financial front keeps our presses rolling. Donations, big or small, make our suppliers happy and keep the bailiffs away!

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