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Anger in the Arab world

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THERE’S mounting anger on the Arab street against the Arab oil princes who’ve formally recognised Israel this month at the behest of their American masters. The chief American warlord, Donald Trump, calls it an “historic peace agreement” between Israel and two Gulf states, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But the Palestinians call it treachery and Israeli communists dismiss it as a cover for US arms deals with their feudal Arab vassals. And the Palestinian government has quit its current chairmanship of Arab League meetings in protest at the League’s refusal to condemn members who’ve broken ranks and normalised relations with Israel.

In Washington, Trump spouts nonsense about the “dawn of a new Middle East” whilst most Arabs know this is all about US arms exports and building a feudal Arab front against Iran. The oil princes of Bahrain and the Emirates have long relied on American guns to prop up their thrones. But they always need more, including high-performance warplanes that would previously have been blocked by the Zionists. Now the US imperialists are working to build a new pact that would bring the Saudis and the Arab Gulf states into an alliance to threaten Iran.

This week Palestinians took to the streets in towns across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to protest against the feudal Arab sell-out whilst the rival wings of the Palestinian movements that control the Gaza Strip and parts of the occupied West Bank are meeting in Turkey to bury the hatchet and build a common front against this stab in the back from the USA’s Arab lackeys in the Gulf.

The Palestinian government, which administers the “autonomous” areas in the West Bank, is led by Fatah, the national liberation movement founded by Yasser Arafat that led the fight-back against Zionist aggression after the 1967 war. Arafat’s successors, however, have bent over backwards to appease the Americans and their Zionist agents in pursuit of the elusive “two-state” solution that would lead to an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, runs the Gaza Strip – the besieged Palestinian enclave that shelters nearly two million Palestinian Arabs. And they’ve been at loggerheads with Fatah for years. The Hamas militia drove Fatah out of Gaza in 2007 for refusing to recognise Hamas’ victory in the Palestinian national elections. Now the crisis may end their divisive conflict.

This month Turkey, whose ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is an Islamist party that supports Muslim Brotherhoods across the Arab world, sponsored talks in Ankara with all the Palestinian factions to explore the possibility of new elections for a national government that would represent all the Palestinians.

Hamas says the Bahrainis and Emiratis have betrayed the Palestinians in signing agreements with the enemy that would not bring peace to Israel or the region. And the Lebanese communists together with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) have issued a joint statement condemning this “national betrayal”, which they said will surely not be approved by the Arab masses “who still support the Palestinian struggle to achieve independence and freedom”.

In Israel, Adel Amer, the leader of the Communist Party of Israel, said: “The White House ceremony presided over by Trump reflects Netanyahu’s fantasy world in which Palestinians are non-existent, irrelevant and entirely absent from the picture. The so-called ‘peace deals’ between Israel and US client states are bizarre because, as surrogates in the service of US imperialism and its hegemony in the Middle East, neither Bahrain nor the UAE have ever been at war with Israel. Apart from not being enemies, the two Gulf oligarchies have for decades maintained a clandestine love affair with Israel.”