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The Fighting Fund

This week’s postbag brought in £529 which pushed the needle up to £1,571. This leaves us with £1,929 to raise if we want to hit our £3,500 target by the end of September.

Those who helped us on our way last week include an old friend in Brighton who sent £15 for the fighting fund and a Dagenham supporter who gave us £21.50. A regular Essex contributor gave £20, a Southall comrade donated £20, another reader from Bournemouth gave us £2 and a Dunstable reader topped up her sub renewal with an extra tenner!

Many thanks to everyone, young and old, whose donations help keep our presses rolling for another week. Capitalism is in crisis. It’s collapsing in America. It’s collapsing here. But it won’t go until it’s kicked into the rubbish bin by the working class.

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