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The Fighting Fund

This week’s postbag brought in £643 which pushed the needle up to £2,214.

Those who helped us on our way last week include a Suffolk pensioner who’s refused to renew his BBC license and sent the £157.50 fee to us instead. We got £50 from a Kingston reader, a score from a supporter in south Wales and a tenner from a member of the Korean Friendship Association. A Bournemouth reader sent in £2 and another from Dagenham gave us £2.85. We now need £1,286 to hit our £3,500 target by the end of September and we’ve only got one more campaigning weekend to do it!

Keep our presses rolling! Keep our suppliers sweet! Let’s get the message out on the street where it belongs. This is the time for change. There is a way out of the crisis and that’s socialism!

Keep us going by sending your fighting fund donations to: