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Trump must be defeated

The call of the left-wing Freedom Road Socialist Organisation of the USA

‘PRESIDENT Trump is a right-wing reactionary and dangerous fool to boot. He promotes an agenda of racism, inequality and discrimination. He puts kids in cages and then laughs about it. From Palestine to the Philippines he has shown himself to be an enemy of the peoples of the world, including those of us who live in the United States. Trump’s talk about “America First” is chauvinist trash, a banner under which to enrich the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The trash needs to be taken out, as soon as possible, and this November at the latest.

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Swindling twizzler

by New Worker correspondent

NOW THAT that mince pies and Christmas puddings are appearing in the shops it’s time to turn to festive matters.

Bernard Matthews, suppliers of turkeys and the infamous Turkey Twizzlers, has returned to the shelves (and caused outrage in Liverpool and Birmingham because there are not enough to go around).

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An easy target

BORIS JOHNSON was an easy target for Sir Keir Starmer this week. The Labour leader mocked him during Question Time when he said: “If the prime minister doesn’t understand the rules and his own council leaders are complaining about mixed messages, how does the prime minister expect the rest of the country to understand and follow the rules?”

Johnson’s answer that “Actually, I think that the people of this country do understand and overwhelmingly do follow the rules” may be true. The problem is knowing what these new rules actually mean.

This has been a week of mixed messages from the Johnson government, which has ordered more local lock-downs as the country staggers into a second wave of the coronavirus plague. Badly briefed Ministers stumble trying to explain the re-introduction of emergency measures to deal with the crisis that health experts predicted would inevitably come in the autumn, whilst Tory back-benchers grumble at “government by decree” and launch half-baked parliamentary revolts that fizzle out when Johnson waves his big stick.

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