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Greek fascists convicted

by our European Affairs correspondent

GREEK FASCISTS were convicted of running a criminal organisation this week. The leaders of the Golden Dawn movement were found guilty of operating a brutal criminal gang at the end of a trial that lasted more than five years in Athens.

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Sleeper battle

by New Worker correspondent

EVEN THOUGH at present most trade unions are battling to save jobs and keep their members safe from the coronavirus, several other industrial disputes are underway. Amongst them is a 48-hour strike on the Caledonian Sleeper, which started on Sunday evening. Promoted as an “hotel on wheels”, this vitally important transport service is essential for taking the aristocracy to and from their Highland estates to say nothing of ferrying well-watered Glaswegian businessmen to very important meetings in London.

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And did those feet…

BORIS JOHNSON was once the darling of Tory Party conference. He was the conference star who could pack halls with cheering delegates who believed that peppering his speech with school-boy Latin quotes put him in the same league as Cicero or Cato the Younger. Now Boris stands in front of a camera drivelling on about building a “New Jerusalem” with opportunities for all whilst his government staggers into another coronavirus crisis that could have been avoided if the lockdown had been maintained.

COVID-19 is now spreading like the plague in all our universities that were prematurely re-opened last month. It is also returning with a vengeance across Scotland and large parts of northern England. The updated test, track and trace system is faltering, and there is confusion on how to use the NHS smart phone app that’s supposed to warn you of risk of infection.

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