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Johnson dips his snout into the
bloody Ukrainian trough

by Theo Russell

THE British government is massively stepping up its military and political involvement in Ukraine, after a visit to Britain by President Volodymyr Zelensky and a high powered delegation which included a meeting with Prince William and a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base.

The Johnson government is not concerned that Ukraine is infested with dozens of openly fascist militias who operate with freedom on the streets, where the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov sponsors the infamous Azov Regiment (logo based on the Waffen SS), and the head of the Kiev police, Vadim Troyan, is an Azov commander and an active member of the neo-nazi ‘Patriot of Ukraine’ movement.

The UK has crossed a rubicon by agreeing to supply hi-tech armaments to the Kiev regime, reversing a policy of only providing ‘non-lethal’ military equipment, and a plan for a British military base in Ukraine.

According to Russian sources Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba told his British hosts that Ukraine is ready to agree to the creation of a British military base in the Nikolaev region, and “is considering the possibility of deploying British paratroopers”.

The excuse for this put forward by Zelensky’s advisor Andriy Yermak is that Ukraine needs help to safeguard its security because “the suppression of post-election unrest in neighbouring Belarus posed a potential direct threat to Ukraine” – a pathetic bullshit lie.

Britain is also providing a £1.25 billion loan to Ukraine for the purchase of fast attack missile boats “capable of use in the Black Sea” with the contract for the first two ships conveniently going to UK shipyards.

As if that isn’t enough, the Johnson Government has also proposed setting up a European Union or NATO centre to combat Russian ‘disinformation and counter-propaganda’ based in Ukraine. And at what the Ukrainians called “a historic meeting with the head of British diplomacy Dominic Raab” Britain agreed to support an international platform for “ending Crimea’s temporary occupation by Russia”.

Dmytro Kuleba said that during the visit last week Zelensky had pressed Boris Johnson to set a timetable for Ukraine to join NATO. This, along with US hopes to gain control of the Crimea naval base, is the principal reason for the imperialist-backed coup in Ukraine which swept hordes of fascists into positions of power in February 2014.

As British defence minister Ben Wallace proudly announced during a visit to Kiev: “The Maritime Training Initiative will enable even closer collaboration with the NATO Alliance and Armed Forces around the world, and allows us to build on Ukraine’s new NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner status”..

The British Embassy in Ukraine Facebook page revealed in August that “as of today, more than 18,100 Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel and nearly 4,000 military instructors have been trained by the UK-established Operation Orbital mission since 2015”, which “has deployed over 2,500 British military personnel and 400 courses”. Last year Operation Orbital was extended for another three years until March 2023.

British taxpayers may wonder why it is so important for hundreds of millions to be spent training soldiers in a country 1,500 miles away, where over 80 fascist militias, who worship the traitors who collaborated with the German occupiers in the Second World War, have been incorporated into the armed forces.

We sincerely hope that one day our politicians will be held to account for actively supporting and collaborating with Ukrainian fascists, and trampling on the glorious memory of the fighters against fascism who were our allies in the Second World War.