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Bolivian socialists celebrate

by our Latin American affairs correspondent

BOLIVIAN SOCIALISTS are celebrating this week following their victory in the presidential election which has reversed the results of last year’s fascist coup. Evo Morales, the elected president of Bolivia was deposed and driven out of the country by reactionary forces in the pay of US imperialism last November. Now the Bolivian people have swept Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) back into power trouncing the right-wing candidates in a snap election last weekend.

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Broadband battles

by New Worker correspondent

THE Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) is facing yet another battle over compulsory redundancies in British Telecommunications (BT). In its Group Functions division, which employees 11,000 people, management are pushing ahead with compulsory redundancies instead of seeking volunteers in order to secure a tiny reduction of just 20 posts.

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Still Towering over London

by Carole Barclay

THE TOWER of London has dominated the London scene for almost a thousand years. It began in 1066 when William the Conqueror ordered its construction to make his mark on the capital of his new kingdom. Since then the Tower has served as a fortress, palace, prison and even a royal zoo for those who sat on the throne of England.

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Northern Lights

ANDY BURNHAM has chosen the right time to challenge the Johnson government. The Mayor of Greater Manchester is being asked to support the Government’s Tier 3 lockdown without the financial support that’s vitally needed to make it viable. Accusing the Tories of “playing poker with people’s lives” the Labour mayor spoke for the millions in his region who need financial support to stave off unemployment and poverty that will otherwise follow the new local lockdown regime.

Greater Manchester is calling for between £65m and £75m to support businesses that would be forced to close during a Tier 3 lockdown and he’s won across-the-board support from other local government leaders in the region who have joined him in dismissing the Government’s current business support packages as woefully inadequate.

According to a Daily Telegraph journalist “Politics is crazy right now. One Tory MP just told me: ‘We are on the cusp of having Andy Burnham carried shoulder-high through the streets of Manchester. He has demonstrated courage and principle, hope and determination and a spirit that the British people can be proud of’”.

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