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USA: No matter who wins only a fightback will stop racism!

by Monica Moorehead

THE US election is on course for the highest turnout in a century. The outcome is on a knife edge with Trump and Biden neck and neck in key swing states. Both sides are claiming victory, but the final result may not be known for days.

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NHS pay battles

by New Worker correspondent

AT CHORLEY and South Ribble Hospital and the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire biomedical scientists busy with COVID-19 testing are up in arms over about £7,000 per annum because bosses are refusing to pay ‘the going rate for the job’. The 13 scientists are being balloted for strike action or industrial action short of a strike next week.

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Pro-abortion protests rock Poland

by New Worker correspondent

OVER 100,000 people took part in Friday protests in the Polish capital of Warsaw over the government’s decision to outlaw virtually all abortions in the former people’s republic, which has been governed by pro-imperialist reactionary cliques since 1990. Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, who was seen amongst the demonstrators, said that this is a not only a “protest to defend women’s rights” but also a protest “against cynical power”.

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Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

LAST WEEK Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party he once led after claiming that his political opponents had dramatically overstated the scale of anti-Semitism inside the Labour party for factional reasons. The move by Labour’s Blairite general secretary, David Evans, was endorsed by Sir Kier Starmer, and indeed it could hardly have taken place without the covert blessing of the new Labour leader in the first place.

Starmer won the Labour leadership election after Corbyn stood down earlier in the year, on a platform based on “ten pledges” that were projected as broadly complimenting the line of the old Corbyn leadership. The Starmer camp told us that their man would continue the fight against austerity whilst standing for “unity” within the party. That was then. This is now.

The “ten pledges” have long been forgotten. The only “unity” Starmer wants is with the ageing Blairites who still sit in the House of Commons, and the only fight Starmer’s led is against Jeremy Corbyn and those who backed him when he was at the helm.

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