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The nightmare of Trump is over!

by Monica Moorehead

TENS of thousands of Americans took to the streets for hours in jubilation and celebration when it was confirmed that the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket had defeated Trump. Not only were downtown areas taken over but also neighbourhoods, block by block, where traffic came to a standstill with horns blaring.

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Health pay battles

by New Worker correspondent

PERHAPS taking their lead from last week’s report that workers at Chorley and South Ribble were balloting for industrial action, all 14 unions in the National Health Service have written to the Prime Minister demanding a pay rise for all NHS staff before Christmas.

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The Ugly American

DONALD TRUMP sits in the White House refusing to face reality as power ebbs away to Joe Biden, the victor in last week’s US presidential elections. Biden’s victory may not be a great advance for the American people – he is after-all a trusted pair of hands who can be relied on to do the bidding of the American establishment – but it certainly was a defeat for Trump.

Implausibly depicting the Democrats as dangerous “reds” and playing the race card, Trump pulled out all the stops in the last days of his campaign to get the Republican vote out. Although he succeeded in mobilising record numbers of supporters throughout the country, the Republicans were overwhelmed by even larger numbers who hate Trump and all that he stands for.

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