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No Trump madness!

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

DONALD TRUMP is considering bombing Iran in a final act of madness to mark the end of his presidency in January. The New York Times says Trump was advised against strikes on Iranian nuclear sites by senior advisers warning of the risk of triggering a major conflict.

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Battle of the Thames

by New Worker correspondent

ANOTHER ongoing battle is being fought by IWGB at the University of Greenwich, on behalf of outsourced security officers employed by French management services company Sodexo. They are demanding hazard pay, which has already been granted to White British porters, but the majority-Black security officers have been denied it.

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So long Dominic Cummings

AS THE Trump era ends in acrimony in Washington the waves of discontent ripple across the Atlantic. None of us will shed a tear at the departure of Dominic Cummings or his shadowy side-kick Lee Cain from the corridors of power. The loathsome Rasputin-like adviser who seemed to pull the strings in the Johnson government has gone. Some say that this is largely down to disagreements with Boris Johnson’s partner, Carrie Symonds. Others suspect that the ousting of two of the most prominent Leavers in the Tory camp has more to do with Johnson’s need to appease the new Biden administration.

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Corbyn’s reinstatement

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party membership has been restored in return for an appeasing statement following efforts by Unite and some left social-democratic MPs to end the crisis. The Corbynistas say this is a climb-down by Sir Keir Starmer, Corbyn’s ineffectual successor, and a victory for the Labour left. But this ‘victory’ came at a price and it was hardly decisive.

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