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Israel bombs Syria, Houthis rocket Saudi

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

ISRAELI warplanes targeted alleged Iranian military bases in Syria on Tuesday in another turbulent week that saw the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, make a less than covert trip to Saudi Arabia for talks whilst the feudal Arab kingdom reeled back from yet another Yemeni Houthi rocket attack on its west coast oil installations.

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Public Sector Pay

by New Worker correspondent

THE CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer will be announcing his annual Spending Review this week. Whilst the fine print is unclear, it does seem likely that there is not going to be a pay bonanza for public sector workers.

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Blowing in the wind

BORIS JOHNSON has clearly turned indecision into a fine art. He refuses to sack Priti Patel over the “bullying” scandal whilst at the same time letting his minions brief the media of his intention to downgrade her at the next Government reshuffle in the New Year. The Home Office scandal has already led to the resignation of the Government’s independent adviser, Sir Alex Allan, a retired civil service mandarin whose report concluded that Ms Patel’s approach “amounted to behaviour that can be described as bullying”.

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Counting the days.

What has Sir Keir Starmer achieved since he won the Labour leadership contest in April? Absolutely nothing apart from getting away with the continued persecution of former leader Jeremy Corbyn and encouraging a wave of Blairite purges in the constituencies.

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America’s back

US President-elect Joe Biden tells the world that “America is back, ready to lead the world”, but sadly it never went away in the first place. Sure Trump talked about “America First” and made some token troop withdrawals in Afghanistan and the Middle East, but the great “deal-maker” achieved nothing on the international arena apart from strengthening the position of Zionist Israel in the Middle East.

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