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The Fighting Fund

The second week of the December appeal has taken off with £1,420 in the bag boosted by a £1,000 donation from Richmond & Kingston comrades in memory of Harry Danvers and Peter Geddes and £250 from another comrade in Sheffield. A Camden supporter topped up her sub renewal with a tenner for the fund and a Bournemouth reader sent in a fiver. The running total now stands at £1,922 so we need to raise a further £1,578 to hit our target by the end of the month.

Next week’s edition will the last of this turbulent year that has seen the coronavirus pandemic sweep through the capitalist world. We’ve hopefully seen the last of Donald Trump on the political stage but we’ve now got Biden to contend with not to mention Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer.

We’ve got plenty to say and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes. That’s why we need your financial support. We rely entirely on our readers to keep the New Worker going. Keep up the fight to maintain Britain’s only communist weekly by sending contributions to: