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Tidings of comfort and joy

SADLY, there’s not much sign of ‘glad tidings’ during the festive season overshadowed by the coronavirus plague that has swept through Britain this year. Whilst the people’s democracies spared no effort and moved swiftly to counter the threat, the governments in the imperialist heartlands dithered, putting profits above people’s health that led to the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the capitalist world.

No-one has died from COVID-19 in Democratic Korea, and only a handful of fatalities were recorded in Laos and Vietnam. There have been 137 deaths in Cuba and 4,634 in People’s China where the outbreak supposedly began.

The USA tops the list with over 17 million cases and nearly 300,000 fatalities. Brazil comes next with over 181,000 deaths, closely followed by India’s 143,000. Sadly, Britain is also in this grim top 10 with around 65,000 deaths – the second largest death toll in Europe.

The roll-out of the first COVID-19 vaccine hopefully will reverse the trend and bring an end to the pandemic next year. The labour movement must campaign for a recovery plan to get people back to work when the crisis is over whilst ensuring a safe return to the workplace when it does. In the meantime we must continue to fight for the continuation and extension of the emergency measures to protect health and jobs until life can return to normal.

In bleak midwinter

Furloughs, tiers and lockdowns – no matter what happens, workers will make the best of the festive season.

We may have an incompetent Tory premier and a Labour party led by an equally useless leader. We are still in the middle of a pandemic that has spread sickness, misery and unemployment in its wake. But at least we can look at the bright future that is already being built on the island of Cuba and in the people’s democracies of Asia, as well as the growth of the communist movement throughout the world in recent years.

The bourgeoisie have nothing to look forward to in the New Year. The determined resistance of the masses has thwarted the imperialist drive for regime change in Iran, Syria and Venezuela. The Yemenis are beating back American-inspired Saudi aggression on the Arabian peninsula, and the Palestinian Arabs remain steadfast despite the treachery of the feudal Arab rulers who have sold out to Zionism and US imperialism.

Donald Trump may have built some of his wall along the Mexican border, but his attempt to “Make America Great Again” on the pillars of racism and white supremacy was not enough to secure his re-election last month.

Gone are the days of the gurus who said that communism was finished and that this was going to be the “New American Century”. Gone are the media pundits who told us that the greatest virtue that anyone could possibly have was the possession of the largest amount of money.

The entire wealth of the world comes from workers in factories and peasants tilling the land. Yet beyond the people’s democracies working people only receive a miserable fraction of the wealth they produce through their labour. At the same time, the ruling elite live the lives of Roman emperors through the capitalist system that guarantees them ease, health and everything else money can buy – all off the backs of the workers. Socialism will end this rotten system once and for all. The sooner the better!