9th April 2021 Vote Labour in May! On the rails. Biden renews struggle for US dominance.

2nd April 2021 Steel in crisis again! Equal pay victory, sort of. The Untouchables? Trouble north of the border.

26th March 2021 Kill the Police Bill! Better late than never.

19th March 2021 Police bring brutality to Clapham vigil. Tories ahead. Fire and Rehire. The deadly cost of austerity in the Royal Borough of Grenfell. Greece: The Pandemic and the Failing State.

12th March 2021 In every factory and office fight for the unions! Defending imperialism. Defending the NHS. Nurses at war.

5th March 2021 US and Israeli planes on rampage. Putting the boot in. Bailing out the bosses.

26th February 2021 Time to demand answers! Workers Uber the moon. The issue is policy!

19th February 2021 Shady deals at the top: business as usual. In the Amazonian jungle. Nothing to boast about. A Pointless murder? For a better tomorrow.

12th February 2021 Unite and organise for Labour. NHS battles small and large. Early days for Joe Biden.

5th February 2021 Closing the door after the horse has bolted. Budget Blues. Pay cuts for Gas Workers. A jaunt into Saxon England. Retailing and Capitalism.

29th January 2021 Five percent on the dole! Deaths at work. Slow motion disaster.

22nd January 2021 Imperialism puts on liberal clothes again. Trade Unions and COVID. To Lose One Leader… The Serpent. Making things for ourselves.

15th January 2021 Food poverty wars. Jobs sort of saved. Paris: Darkness and Light. What’s wrong with capitalism? Trump goes, ‘normalcy’ returns.

8th January 2021 Attempted coup in Washington. Goodbye to the European Union. Tough at the top. V2: a review.

New Communist Party