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The Fighting Fund

Our last report about the fund recorded that we raised £1,923, somewhat short of our £3,500 target. It must be confessed that owing to lockdown we are not absolutely certain how many cheques are sitting in our local Post Office. More modern methods of money transfer, however, allowed a Yorkshire NCP member to contribute £40, but you do not need to be an NCP member to support the paper. For instance, we had a fiver from Athens, which claims to be the birthplace of democracy, and £15 from a London reader. We also had a regular monthly donation of £20 from a Hereford reader, who has surely sacrificed a few pints of the local apple brew in favour of the cause of peace and socialism.

To keep the paper going we need any spare cash you might have saved from not visiting relatives over the hopefully named “Festive” season. Despite the absence of a printed paper, the January fighting fund appeal starts now. We need £3,500 to carry on the work. Big or small, every pound counts. Please your donation to: