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Please note that due to the new national lockdown and to keep our workers extra safe, as of 6th January the national office will be closed until we can make other arrangements that still keep our workers safe. In the short term the New Worker will be produced remotely, but will not be printed. The New Worker in full can be followed online, All our workers will be working remotely and should be able to get back to you on email. To contact anyone in the office, please email the New Worker task id enquiries@ and your message will be directed to the right person.

Lead story

Attempted coup in Washington

IT TAKES a lot to unite Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – but the violent scenes in the Capitol Building on Wednesday by fanatical Trump supporters trying to prevent the final certification results of the Presidential election in favour of the Democrat Joe Biden united them in the sternest condemnation.

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Tough at the top

HALF PAST FIVE on the first Wednesday of the New Year marked a great advance towards a more equal Britain. It was at that hour the bosses of Britain’s top 100 companies earned more than the average worker does in a year.

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V2: a review

by Ben Soton

SINCE THE DAYS of Walter Scott, who was born 150 years ago, historical fiction has been established as a good way of learning historical facts. More people died making the V2 missile than were killed by it. Its victims included 200,000 slave labourers as well as 2,700 civilian casualties, mostly in greater London. With this in mind, its creator Wernher Von Braun (Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun), who was after all a Major in the SS, should have been put on trial for War Crimes. Instead, after the war he moved to the USA and in 1970 he was recruited to NASA to head up its strategic development.

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Goodbye to the European Union

ON 23rd June 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU). Now, after many unnecessary delays caused by what can bluntly be called sabotage of the will of the people by the bulk of the British Establishment and two General Elections that were dominated by the issue, final negotiations have been concluded.

That the negotiations were tough was largely because Franco-German capitalism wanted to punish Britain to act as a deterrent for those in other member states from following Britain’s example. Workers in many countries such as Portugal and Greece who have grievously suffered from the dictates of Franco-German imperialism, had to be given a firm warning about the dangers of breaking the stranglehold of Brussels. These smaller countries are never allowed the leeway occasionally given to larger countries when Brussels’ policies are toned down for electoral expediency.

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