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The Fighting Fund

This is our second report on the fund where unfortunately we do not know how much we are receiving from our readers and supporters because the national office is presently shut and our local Post Office is out of bounds. The paper is still being produced however, in a non-paper format on their home computers by a team of tireless journalists and editorial staff up and down the country.

Despite the difficulties we have been notified of a few donations, including £25 from Northampton, an Aberdeen reader refutes that city’s proverbial reputation for meanness by sending £30, whilst from the ancient Roman city of Colchester in Essex came a welcome £50. These sums, very welcome though they are, still leave us a long way off our £3,500 monthly target – which is still required despite the fact that we are involuntarily able to save some money that would otherwise have gone on paper and ink.

Readers unable to visit cinemas, watering holes or the cancelled January sales should ignore these endless TV and radio adverts to take up bingo, which promise the earth but deliver nothing but shattered dreams, and instead send some of their spare money to advance the cause of socialism. Money can be sent from your computer or mobile phone to: