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Lead story

Food poverty wars

DURING the war, when complaints were made about the quantity and quality of food rations Prime Minister Winston Churchill said he could not understand the grumbles because the food he was shown would make a perfectly decent meal. He was surprised to learn that it was actually a whole week’s ration – and fortunate in that the press were not present to record his ignorance.

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Jobs sort of saved

UNITE the Union has declared victory in the struggle to save the Rolls-Royce plant at Barnoldswick, in Lancashire. Nine weeks of strike action to save 350 jobs has been suspended for members to consider a “landmark deal” that would save 350 jobs and give the site a bright future.

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Paris: Darkness and Light

REVIEW by Theo Russell

MARGE PIERCY, born into a working-class family in Detroit, was an activist against the US imperialist war in Vietnam in the 1960s and a self-declared Marxist. Her 1996 book City of Darkness, City of Light, a novel covering the entire period of the French Revolution, is well worth reading because it brilliantly depicts life in France at the time from top to bottom.

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What’s wrong with capitalism?

by Ray Jones

Well, capitalism dominates and perpetuates a world in which millions live in poverty and disease.

Capitalism leads to wars in which millions have died and continue to die.

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Trump goes, ‘normalcy’ returns

AT THE TIME of writing, it is clear that President Donald Trump is on the way out at long last; it is, however, unclear of the precise manner of his departure from the White House. He is facing the second impeachment trial of his presidency now that some members of his own Republican Party have voted for him to face trial in the Senate on the charge of “Incitement of Insurrection”. This might be a purely theoretical matter because the Senate will not be sitting until the dynamic figure of Joe Biden takes over.

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