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The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain

The Fighting Fund

The third report of the year on the fund is still not entirely complete, but we are now much better informed and can report that £903.49 has arrived safely. Older readers will remember that 49 new pence is exactly nine shillings and ten pence, which was a reasonable sum of money before decimalisation. Every penny still counts today.

The money we have received will be put to good use in advancing the cause of socialism. Reflecting our readership this includes donations from NCP members and non-members alike. Some are long-term supporters, but it is most agreeable to see some unfamiliar names supporting us. It would be helpful if readers holding a joint account with their partner would establish a secret bank account so that they could give even more without disturbing domestic harmony. A few have contributed by topping up their renewals to the paper.

All this will come in handy when we start buying paper and ink again, but even without these expenses other bills must be paid.

To pick out just a few random examples, we welcome £50 from Liverpool and £20 from Aberdare. Money can be sent from your computer or mobile phone to: