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Imperialism puts on liberal clothes again

WATCHED by an attentive audience of 200,000 wooden poles with flags on them, Joe Biden achieved the remarkable feat of staying awake during the entire length of the inauguration ceremony in Washington that saw him become the 46th President of the United States of America. Because his name is not Donald Trump, this changing of the guard has been welcomed in Britain by the Telegraph and Mail just as much as his normal cheerleaders in the Guardian.

The British (and European) ruling classes are not stupid, they know which side of their bread is buttered and know that Biden is one of them. They are the sort of people who want to see “America’s wider embrace of multilateralism” and similar phrases, such calling for “greater American engagement globally and renewed US democracy support abroad”. This basically mean that the USA should start firing off more rockets and carry out regime change more often – as long as they promise to consult with their allies beforehand, of course.

No doubt many of the gullible will welcome the fact that the USA now has a “Black female” Vice-President, especially one who can stay awake longer than her boss and will more than likely be taking over before too long. Followers of identity politics should recall that Barak Obama, who made much of being black, well deserved his “Obomber” nickname. Those who recall the womanly touch of Margaret Thatcher will remember that her reign did not make for much social and economic improvement, but many liberals are slow learners, when they are not downright hypocritical. They choose to forget that the ‘Patriot Act’, which they deplore for being signed by George Bush junior, was effectively authored by one Senator Biden soon after the attacks of 11th September (9/11).

The USA will be launching another war before very long, either an open military one or in another guise, such as imposing sanctions on another exploited country that happens to have mineral or other wealth. Biden, as sidekick to Obama, has had plenty of practice at that. More often than not the nice cuddly Democrats use a ‘Human Rights’ issue of some sort to ‘justify’ their actions.

One of the curious legacies of the final stages of the Trump era is that the Liberals who a constantly sing the praises of Martin Luther King have suddenly taken a shine to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the organisation which murdered him and of course many other radicals. The National Guard, which they berated a few months ago for attacking Black Lives Matters (BLM) protestors, are now heroes of the hour. These people on both sides of the Atlantic will be enthusiast apologists for whatever imperialist adventure Biden thinks he can get away with.

When the Republican George Bush was in office millions in Britain across the globe marched against the 2003 Gulf War. When Obama destroyed the most prosperous country in Africa for the crime of plotting to wanting to establish a new currency that would break the grip of the dollar in Africa, there was much less interest because the team that brought back slave markets to Libya was Nobel prize winner Obama and his sidekicks Biden and Clinton.

Communists know better than most what “renewed US democracy support abroad” really means. To counteract that, international solidarity work needs to be beefed up, particularly with the trade unions. Working class solidarity is far stronger when it does not have liberal middle-class whingers moaning about a few counter-revolutionaries being locked up in socialist countries. Those who think that on balance some US “aid” might be just the thing for an exploited country suffering poverty caused by sanctions imposed by the self-same Americans who come bearing gifts, are not the sort of people whose help is needed.