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Unite and organise for Labour

by New Worker correspondent

JUST OVER 100 years ago, at the second Congress of the Communist International, Lenin characterised the British Labour Party as “a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the bourgeoisie”. That was not just an accurate description of the situation in 1920 but was a brilliant prophecy about the situation in 2021.

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NHS battles small and large

LAST WEEK we reported an ongoing strike by out-sourced security guards at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Berkshire. New information has come to light about the details of the contact on which the workers are employed. The 23 guards are presently employed by Kingdom Service Group Ltd whose annual contract is presently worth £755,763.

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Early days for Joe Biden

THE LABOUR movement in the USA largely backed the Democrat drive to dump Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election, and their leaders welcomed the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in January. Getting rid of Trump was, of course, a victory for American workers.

The march of the most reactionary and racist elements of the US ruling class and the degenerates they mobilised to build the Trump movement has been stopped – at least for the time being – by the mass movement that grew from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements and the rage on the street at the Trump government’s indifferent response to the coronavirus plague that is sweeping through the USA.

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