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NHS battles small and large

LAST WEEK we reported an ongoing strike by out-sourced security guards at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Berkshire. New information has come to light about the details of the contact on which the workers are employed. The 23 guards are presently employed by Kingdom Service Group Ltd whose annual contract is presently worth £755,763.

This would equal a salary of nearly £33,000 for the 23 guards but, according to online employment agency ‘Indeed’, the average wage for security guards at the company is £9.75 per hour, which means they earn about £18,000 based a 37-hour week.

That leaves room for a lot of profit for Kingdom, although obviously not quite £15,000 per worker, but the contract clearly makes a useful contribution to their £100 million plus turnover.

strong case

Unite regional officer Jesika Parmar observes that: “There could be a very strong case for this contract being taken back in-house and the money saved being spent on patient services, rather than a profit-hungry private company, at this critical juncture in the battle against COVID-19.

“We would also like to see the security guards currently on the NHS frontline to be properly rewarded for their dedication and hard work and this would be achieved if the Kingdom contract was jettisoned.”

The union is also urging people to sign an online petition:

Pay staff a wage they can live on