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The Fighting Fund

This post for the final week of the February appeal brought in £450 which gave us a grand total of £3,551. £51 over our target is a remarkable achievement in a short month so many thanks, once again, to all our supporters for keeping us on the road. Meanwhile we’ve just started to deal with the outstanding lit orders. If you have ordered pamphlets or books please be patient! That was the good news. The bad news is that our main computer at the Centre died on Tuesday night. Fortunately we had a spare so though we ran late we still managed to keep to our current deadline to get the New Worker out. We’re looking ar repairs but this is the second machine to go in six months. They are both old and probably at the end of their normal operating time and so we will need to buy new machines – which is another reason to keep the fighting fund on target! Help us by sending donations to: