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Time to demand answers!

by New Worker correspondent

AT LONG LAST the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be in retreat in Britain at least, with the nation now finally catching up with Cuba and People’s China. The vaccination programme seems to be making sufficient impact to allow us to do something other than hold Zoom meetings about how wonderful Zoom meetings are.

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Workers Uber the moon

by New Worker correspondent

THE SUPREME Court has declared that drivers employed by taxi company Uber are in fact employees of that company, thus refuting the company’s arguments that they are self-employed. In a unanimous ruling, judges said the contract signed by the drivers was obviously designed to avoid giving them employment benefits as workers.

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The issue is policy!

SIR KEIR STARMER’S attempt to appeal to the supposed national sentiment of the working class by wrapping himself up with the Union Jack and talking nonsense about the “spirit of the Blitz” and a “new partnership” between Labour and businesses has clearly made little impact of the people he seeks to impress.

After all we’ve been through under Johnson – his general incompetence and shameful handling of the COVID-19 crisis – the Tories are still a few points ahead of Labour in the opinion polls.

The youth of today who chanted Corbyn’s name. The disillusioned workers in the northern ‘Red Belt’ who dumped Labour in favour of the Tories over Brexit. The Scots whose support Labour relied on for years. Few if any of them are likely to swayed by the “New Chapter for Britain” that Starmer unveiled in his address to the nation last week. What’s new in it you may well ask?

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