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US and Israeli planes on rampage

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

AMERICAN and Israeli warplanes went on the rampage last week following a wave of partisan attacks on US troops and their local lackeys across the Middle East that the imperialists say were directed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iraqi militias have launched waves of attacks on American patrols and bases that house what’s left of the US army of occupation in a new offensive to drive the imperialists out of their country. And last week two missiles rocked an Israeli cargo ship in the Persian Gulf. The crew was unharmed but the MV Helios Ray was holed just above the waterline, forcing the vessel to dock in Dubai for repairs.

US and Israeli jets hit what they claimed were Iranian-backed militia camps in eastern and central Syria. Syria said the US air strikes were a cowardly act and urged President Joe Biden not to follow “the law of the jungle” whilst the Russians called for the “unconditional respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria”.

At United Nations HQ in New York, Syria urged the Security Council to assume its responsibility and put an immediate end to US acts of aggression against the Arab country. The Syrians said the “flagrant” aggression was one of a series of US forces’ attacks under “flimsy pretexts or shameful justifications” that the US officials have boasted of from their forums in Washington.

In Washington, the new Biden administration says it wants to restore the old nuclear agreement torn up by his predecessor, Donald Trump, in 2018 – but on new terms that are unacceptable to the Iranian leadership. The Biden team are now clearly sending a message to the Islamic Republic with this show of force. But few believe it will have any effect on the Islamic Republic or the growing Arab resistance to imperialism and Zionism throughout the region.

The USA and the European powers have suggested holding an “informal” meeting with the Iranians to move things forward, but Iran says the Americans must first lift all unilateral sanctions before it engages in talks over the nuclear deal.

“Considering the recent actions and statements by the United States and three European powers, Iran does not consider this the time to hold an informal meeting with these countries, which was proposed by the EU foreign policy chief,” foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Sunday.

The USA, in response, said it was “disappointed” but remained “ready to reengage in meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to compliance with JCPOA commitments”, a White House spokeswoman said, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal name of the Iran nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, in Yemen the Houthi forces that control most of the north of the country are battling to drive the Saudi invaders out and defeat the southern separatists who are in the pay of the feudal Arab oil princes.

The Saudi capital, Riyadh, was once again hit by waves of Houthi missile and drone attacks on military targets last week whilst their beleaguered forces battle to hold on to their last northern outposts in the country they invaded in 2015. The Saudis intervened on behalf of a “unity” puppet government based in Riyadh that the imperialists call the “legitimate” government of Yemen. But Saudi dreams of conquest were shattered by the Houthis, who retained the support of 80 per cent of the old army when the civil war began in 2014. Now the Houthis are advancing towards the oil town of Marib that is held by Saudi and tribal forces. If Marib falls then the whole southern Saudi front will collapse