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The Fighting Fund

This week’s fighting fund tally came to £897 pushing the running total for the March appeal to £1,425 thanks to supporters in England, Scotland and Wales who rallied to the cause to keep our presses rolling for another week. Two comrades, one from Southall and another from Eastbourne sent in £100 cheques. A regular supporter of the fund from Carlisle sent in £40. A Welsh reader posted £20, Two Dagenham comrades gave £22 and we got tenners from two supporters in Leicester and Sutton-in-Ashfield. PayPal donations included £50 from a Hereford comrade that was matched by another in Bristol. A Southampton supporter gave £40 and a Midland backer made a £25 contribution. We now need £2075 to hit our monthly target of £3,500.

We rely entirely on our readers to keep our communist presses going. Help us by sending donations to: