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In every factory and office fight for the unions!

by New Worker correspondent

ON TUESDAY, the Financial Times, the newspaper which does for class-conscious bosses what the New Worker does for class-conscious workers, carried an article titled Trade Unions are Back After a Long Absence.

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Nurses at war

THE Royal College of Nursing (RCN), which is actually a TUC-affiliated union, is setting up a £35 million strike fund to oppose the Tory Government’s miserable one per cent pay award to NHS staff. This is an unusually militant move by one of the less militant sections of the trade union movement. It also gives us an opportunity to look at two of the smaller or specialised trade unions representing workers in the NHS.

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Defending imperialism

SIR KEIR STARMER says “Labour’s foreign policy will always be rooted in our values”. He tells the Fabian Society’s New Year conference that “We’re proudly patriotic. And we’re proudly internationalist too. I believe that after a decade of global retreat Britain needs to be a far stronger and more confident voice on the international stage”. Brave words right out of the Blairite stable that includes the entire lexicon of imperialism’s ‘human rights’ gang as well as the ‘ethical foreign policy’ of former foreign minister Robin Cook. But what does all this guff actually mean?

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Defending the NHS

The media frenzy around latest rift between the Queen and her wayward grandson Prince Harry, and the subsequent departure of Piers Morgan from his presenting role on ITV’s popular Good Morning Britain show following controversial comments he made about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has conveniently enabled the bourgeois media to, once again, push the derisory NHS pay rise on to the back burner.

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