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Kill the Police Bill!

by New Worker correspondent

UNDER the guidance of Home Secretary Priti Patel one of Boris Johnson’s flagship pieces of legislation, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has stirred up opposition on both the streets and even in some unexpected quarters in the House of Commons.

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Better late than never

by New Worker correspondent

TUESDAY SAW the final victory of the long running campaign on behalf of the Shrewsbury 24 when the Court of Appeal finally cleared the group of building workers wrongly jailed in 1973.

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Kill the Bill

THE bourgeois media is having a field day over the riots in Bristol which erupted last weekend. Thousands of demonstrators peacefully rallied in central Bristol on Sunday to protest against the Tory government’s proposed new police powers bill. The street violence erupted during protests against proposed Tory legislation that would sanction up to 10 years in jail for damaging memorials and give the police new powers to curb or ban public protests in the future.

The clashes were clearly triggered by heavy-handed police attempts to disperse the protesters on Sunday evening. But claims that “professional agitators” and “anarchist” gangs were leading the assaults on the police and the torching of police vans are taken as gospel by the mainstream media while reports of police violence are routinely ignored.

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