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The Fighting Fund

It’s the Easter weekend and we’re all happy bunnies here with £1,240 in the bag that pushed us over target with a bit to spare. The grand total for March comes to £4,023 – £523 above our target for the month!

Many thanks to all who helped us on our way last week including the Ipswich comrade who donated £500 to help us buy another PC along with two Dagenham supporters who both sent £100 contributions after reading the news of our IT problems. An Essex supporter sent in £20 and another regular contributor to the fighting fund gave us £40; A South Staffs reader donated £25 and another from Elland gave us a fiver. We got £250 from a long standing supporter from Dinnington and a Hereford comrade PayPalled £20.

This is the support that keeps our presses rolling. We are the only communist weekly in the country. If you believe in what we are doing help maintain the New Worker by sending donations to: