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Corruption is the name of the game

by New Worker correspondent

ONE OF THE quainter traditions of British politics is Black Rod having the door slammed in his face at the State Opening of Parliament. Another is the Annual Lobbying Scandal when a senior ex-politician is discovered lobbying for some favour or other from his former colleagues who are presently in office. These favours are generally not a request for a dim-witted nephew for a job in the post-room of the ministry, but for vast sums of public money to be diverted to the company that employs said ex-politician.

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Posh school’s pensions

by New Worker correspondent

ONE MATTER on the agenda of the National Education Union (NEU)’s online Annual Conference was on behalf of teachers working in the independent sector – where teachers are not as well off as the rich children they teach.

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A Scratched Record

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

NOT MUCH has been happening on the Holyrood election trial due to the campaign being rudely interrupted last Friday lunchtime when seemingly more pressing matters started to dominate the airwaves.

We will therefore take the opportunity to reflect on the glorious achievements of the SNP Government since it first formed a minority government in 2007. This was with the de facto backing from the Tories, a fact the SNP are very discreet about.

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USA out of Ukraine!

by New Worker correspondent

ON 10th April anti-war activists rallied outside the army recruitment centre in New York’s Times Square to demand justice for five-year-old Vladik Shikhov, killed on 3rd April by a Ukrainian drone strike on his Donetsk village. They called for an end to the US–NATO war build-up against the Donbas people’s republics and Russia.

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Easy money?

Reviewed by Ben Soton

The Syndicate, Series Four. Created and written by Kay Mellor, BBC TV (2021–). Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1, also available on BBC iPlayer. Stars: Neil Morrissey, Liberty Hobbs, Emily Head, Kieran Urquhart, Taj Atwal, Katherine Rose Morley.

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The communist answer

THE death of the Queen’s consort, Philip, has inevitably been the major news focus of the bourgeois media over the last few days. The solemn bands of devout monarchists who gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay their last respects tell a story.

The fact that over 100,000 viewers complained to the BBC about the programme rescheduling, including dropping of the MasterChef final, to make way for tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh, tells another.

Although the “divine right of kings” ended with an axe in 1649, the cult of the modern monarchy that began with the House of Orange and the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688 continues unabated.

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