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Belarus coup plot foiled in Moscow

by New Worker correspondent

AN AMERICAN plot to overthrow the Belarusian government has been foiled by Russian and Belarusian intelligence. Two of the Belarusian ring-leaders have been arrested in Moscow by Russian security forces – journalist Alexander Feduta and lawyer Yuri Zenkovich, who also has US citizenship – for plotting to kill President Alexander Lukashenko and overthrow the elected government of Belarus. Another agent of imperialism, Grigory Kostusev, who leads the Belarusian ‘Popular Front’ opposition party, was detained by local police in his hometown in Belarus.

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Action on pay

by New Worker correspondent

SOME OF Scotland’s most vital key workers are balloting for strike action after pay talks broke down when bosses in one company attempted to impose an effective pay freeze whilst other companies in the same industry were offered modest, but actual, pay increases.

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For a democratic Labour party

THE MEDIA have been having a field day over the ugly confrontation between Sir Keir Starmer and a publican in Bath. The row between the Labour leader and the anti-lockdown landlord who claims to be a life-long Labour voter has gone viral. One could almost feel sorry for Sir Keir if not for the fact that he’s utterly useless at campaigning on the street, or indeed anywhere else it seems.

The Blairites said that all that was needed to revive Labour’s fortunes was to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and his followers. But thousands upon thousands flocked to hear Corbyn speak on the campaign trail. Few, if any, want to hear anything Starmer’s got to say these days. But it’s not just a question of leadership. The Tories are nine points ahead of Labour in the opinion polls largely because the Starmer leadership is not prepared to fundamentally challenge the Tory austerity regime.

Labour was founded by the trade unions to give workers their own voice in Parliament – but the Parliamentary Party leadership has been dominated by the middle-class intelligentsia since the days of Ramsay McDonald. Nevertheless, the working-class element within the party remained strong, with figures such as Nye Bevan and even Harold Wilson giving it credibility amongst the working class.

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