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Israeli police ‘enable pogrom’

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

OVER 40 Palestinian Arabs were injured when violent clashes erupted in Israeli-occupied Jerusalem last week. Protesters confronted hundreds of Zionist fanatics chanting “Death to the Arabs” outside the Damascus Gate of the Old City, whilst others were hurt when the Israeli police-water cannoned the Arabs to protect the Zionist mob.

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Fight for the NHS!

by New Worker correspondent

JEREMY CORBYN joined a protest against GP practices being taken over by a US health insurance company last week. The former Labour leader, along with East London MP Apsana Begum, joined demonstrators outside the London headquarters in Westminster of Operose Health – a subsidiary of the giant Centene corporation –to protest against NHS

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Ghosts and middle class angst

reviewed by Ben Soton

THE appearance of a mysterious old woman. Sightings of people long dead and general strange happenings. This is the subject of Peter James’ new novel 'The Secret of Cold Hill' – a sequel to his 2019 work 'The House on Cold Hill'.

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A bad week for Boris

IT’S BEEN a bad week for Boris Johnson. The ageing lothario once basked in the applause of the Tory rankand- file who dismissed his bumbling indiscretions as the foibles of a renaissance man who led them to victory in the 2019 general election and took Britain out of the European Union.

The bourgeois media called him “Boris” or “BoJo” and praised his “blundering brilliance” and his supposed classical knowledge and learning. Or at least they did until his sacked former aide, Dominic Cummings, stabbed him in the back last week.

Now Johnson is being compared to Shakespeare’s Lear, the mad king who is betrayed by his daughters and dies of grief in the last act. If the leaked “let the bodies pile high” reports are true it’ll be King Herod next.

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