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Saudi’s call for Yemen cease-fire'

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SAUDI DREAMS of conquest ended last week with calls for a cease-fire and talks with the Houthi government in northern Yemen that they’ve failed to crush in over five years of fighting. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the power behind the throne, says that peace, prosperity and the usual financial rewards are there for the taking. All the Houthis have to do is agree to a truce and return to the negotiating table. Whether they will is another matter.

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COVID-19 strikes

by New Worker correspondent

FOR THE second time in a month, workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) took four days of industrial action over COVID-related safety at their Swansea HQ, which now handles all the UK’s vehicle licenses.

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On the streets of Southampton

reviewed by Ben Soton

A YOUNG woman, Lizzie Wells is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Whilst she’s in prison her son dies from meningitis. On her release she is determined to expose those who framed her. This is a story of an underworld, prostitution, crooked businessmen and bent coppers. It is also the story of a city – my city – Southampton.

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Fight the real fight!

by New Worker correspondent

THIS WEEK is election week up and down the country. Whilst mainstream parties battle for control of local councils, devolved assemblies and the regional governments in Scotland and Wales, others run simply to make a point.

Some such as the stand-up comics who pose as ‘Count Binface’ or ‘Lord Buckethead’ do it for laughs and to raise money for charity. Others take it more seriously, such as Laurence Fox who is running for the London Mayoralty in what looks suspiciously like a publicity campaign to promote his acting career. He faces competition from Brian Rose, a cranky former American banker who leads the ‘London Real Party’, who drinks his own pee and promotes conspiracy theories on his popular YouTube channel.

So spare a thought for the band of hapless left social- democrats who are standing in England, Scotland and Wales this week. They range from the absurd ‘Northern Independence Party’ and whatever George Galloway’s followers call themselves these days, to old-time Trots and revisionists who have learned nothing over the last 50 years.

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