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Palestine: occupation means resistance

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

PALESTINIAN anger is sweeping across the occupied territories as Israel pounds Gaza following violent protests against the eviction of Palestinian families to make way for more Zionist settlers in Jerusalem that have sparked off a new round of resistance throughout the occupied territories. Thirty-eight Gazans are feared to have died when the 13-storey Hamadi residential tower collapsed after Israeli air strikes targeted the building on Tuesday. But Israelis now are cowering in their shelters as hundreds of home-made Palestinian missiles rain down on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as resistance leaders pledge to defend Arab Jerusalem by all means possible.

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The shape of things to come

by New Worker correspondent

TUESDAY saw Her Majesty the Queen read out her 67th state opening of Parliament speech, helpfully written out for her this time by Boris Johnson fresh from his glorious triumph in Hartlepool. So far we know little more than the titles of the Bills, and little or nothing of the contents. As they are Tory Bills, the contents of even the most promising are likely to turn out to be disappointing when the small print is examined.

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Starmer must go

MANY IN the labour movement questioned whether Sir Keir Starmer was capable of leading Labour when he got the job in the first place. Now there can be no doubt following last week’s disastrous elections that cost Labour 323 council seats, eight councils and the once-safe parliamentary seat of Hartlepool. Even the Blairites who have been covertly advising Starmer over the last year are beginning openly to call him an “interim leader” whilst they scrabble around to find another Blairite clone to replace him.

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Justice for the Palestinians

The Palestinians are calling for support in their struggle against the brutal Israeli occupation that began when Israel seized the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967. But the tragedy really began when British imperialism first occupied Palestine during the First World War.

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