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Israel continues to pound Gaza!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

ISRAELI WARPLANES continue to pound Gaza as the Zionist offensive against the Palestinians enters its second week. Hamas and the other resistance movements are maintaining a barrage of rockets on Tel Aviv and other parts of southern Israel, and the entire Palestinian community from the occupied West Bank to the “Israeli Arab” minority in Israel came together to take part in a one-day general strike to protest against the brutal occupation and the Gaza bombardment.

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Their loss; our gain

by New Worker correspondent

BRITAIN’S BOSSES are having a hard time as the lockdown lifts because of Brexit causing them much grief due to labour shortages which are showing signs that they will have to start paying decent wages.

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Whose finger on the trigger?

Review by Ben Soton

ONE OF THE ironies of British imperialism is naming a checkpoint in southern Iraq after an Irish folk song. The irony being that Ireland was the first acquisition of the British Empire and Iraq one of the last.

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Solidarity with Palestine

MILLIONS of people all over the world took to the streets last weekend in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to demand an end to Israeli aggression. In Britain, a 150,000-strong crowd marched through the heart of the capital in support of the Palestinian Arabs. Over 80 other demonstrations took place across the country on the same day.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is urging a total military embargo on Israel, a boycott of firms ‘complicit’ in Israel’s occupation, and the cancelling of academic, cultural and sporting events in the Zionist state that is trying to terror bomb the Palestinians into abject surrender.

Outside the gates of the Israeli embassy the former leader of the Labour Party stood shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian ambassador, other left Labour MPs and the rapper Lowkey, to call for an end to the bombing and an end to the Israeli occupation.

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