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The Fighting Fund

We received £512 in donations to the fighting fund this week including PayPal contributions totalling £70 from a Hereford comrade, £40 from another in Staffordshire and £2 from a Bournemouth reader. The running total for May now stands at £2,562. We now have one more campaigning weekend to raise £938 and hit our target for the month.

Though the knives are out inside the Tory party the feeble response of Starmer & Co does little to rally the class to fight back against austerity. We have to put socialism squarely back on the working class agenda and the New Worker is the major weapon in our arsenal. We campaign for peace and socialism at home and abroad. We stand side by side with the Palestinian resistance and struggling people all over the world. We stand by the people’s democracies building socialism in Asia and in the island of Cuba. We are the only communist weekly in the country and we’ve got plenty to say. Make sure of it by keeping our presses rolling. Send much needed donations to