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What real change in Israel?

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

ISRAELI PREMIER Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu faces an uncertain future this week as his political rivals put aside their differences to form a grand coalition to bring him down. For the last two years the head of the reactionary Likud bloc has clung on to power, battling through four inconclusive general elections to stave off possible jail time on charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust.

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Half full or half empty

by New Worker correspondent

THE LATEST trade union membership figures for the UK have been published by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (that we no longer have a Ministry of Labour is telling). The latest figures show a rise of 118,000 in the course of last year.

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What a difference a day makes

OR NOT in Dominic Cummings’ case. Last week Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser spent seven hours telling a parliamentary committee how bad his former chief was. He said government officials, including himself, had fallen “disastrously short of the standards that the public has a right to expect” and that the “government failed” over the coronavirus crisis. Health Secretary Matt Hancock should have been fired for lying, and that frontline workers and civil servants were “lions led by donkeys”. As for Boris Johnson, “thousands” of people were better suited to run the country than him and that he was not a “fit and proper person” to get the UK through the pandemic.

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Where’s the beef?

The Remainers told us that leaving the European Union would plunge the country into chaos, with empty supermarket shelves, rationed medicines and monstrous tail-backs of lorries at the Channel ports. The fact that none of this has happened despite the coronavirus lock-downs and lay-offs over the last year doesn’t appear to have been grasped by Europhiles, who still dream of another referendum to take us back into the Common Market.

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