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Health Food Battle

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

On another page we report the struggles of health food workers in Northamptonshire against wage cuts. In Glasgow, another group of workers in the health food sector are fighting for their jobs after the Turkish owners of the McVitie biscuit factory announced its closure next year on the grounds of over-capacity in the industry. They want to transfer production to their other plants south of the border.

Gary Smith, the new GMB General Secretary, said that the plant “has been starved of investment for years and we believe significant money needs to be spent on it”. He said that a new green-field site in the area should be looked at instead of closure.

“I don’t think the owners anticipated the reaction to the announcement to shut the factory. I think they hoped people would go quietly into the night but they won’t. These jobs are too important and we will fight tooth and nail to save them.”

Workers have set up a campaign stall in a nearby shopping mall and a petition calling for action to save the jobs at the Tollcross plant has attracted over 52,000 signatures.

Local GMB organiser David Hume added: “We are exploring re-fitting and re-tooling the current site and also looking at the possibility of moving to a new site nearby. There isn’t a shortage of land in the area and a new factory wouldn’t necessarily have to be huge. We have had two meetings with the company and we urge them to work with the action group to keep these jobs here