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Imperialists get together

by New Worker correspondent

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden lands in Britain this week for talks with his European allies ahead of the summit meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva. He’ll meet Boris Johnson on the eve of the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Cornwall. The imperialist leader then heads off to Brussels to meet his other NATO allies including the maverick Turks, before finally proceeding to Geneva for summit talks with the Russian leader on 16th June.

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Low pay nightmares

by New Worker correspondent

MONDAY saw the Resolution Foundation publish its annual Low Pay Britain report, which unsurprisingly is dominated by the effects of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on low-paid workers. Equally unsurprising are many of the findings. It notes that “Workers in lower paid jobs have faced greater health and economic risks than high paid workers” and that a recovery that “builds back better” must be one which means improvements to both pay and job quality. It points out this means more than a minimum wage policy. Given that we have a Tory Government, the Foundation warns that: “There are major risks, in the shape of higher unemployment, decreasing job security and infringements of labour market rights ahead.”

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Health Food Battle

by New Worker correspondent

On another page we report the struggles of health food workers in Northamptonshire against wage cuts. In Glasgow, another group of workers in the health food sector are fighting for their jobs after the Turkish owners of the McVitie biscuit factory announced its closure next year on the grounds of over-capacity in the industry. They want to transfer production to their other plants south of the border.

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A Renaissance Man

reviewed by Ben Soton

EXECUTION is the sixth novel by SJ Parris (the pen name of writer and journalist Stephanie Merritt) covering the exploits of Giordano Bruno. A Dominican monk, Giordano Bruno (1548–1600) abandoned Holy Orders after being discovered with the heretical work of Erasmus and was forced to flee Italy from the Inquisition. He spent much of his life as a wandering scholar and he is believed to have spent some time in England in the 1580s. Little is known about what Bruno did in England during his stay but Parris’ novels, based on Bruno’s opposition to the Catholic Inquisition, tries to fill the gap and puts him in the employ of Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s spymaster.

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Labour needs new agenda

THE Conservatives are firm favourites to win the Batley and Spen by-election on 1st July. This “Red Wall” West Yorkshire seat came up for grabs after Tracy Brabin, the sitting MP, stepped down after winning the West Yorkshire mayoral election in the local elections last month. The Tories, who are fielding Ryan Stephenson, the Chair of the West Yorkshire Conservatives who sits on Leeds council, are upbeat about their campaign. Although Labour fended off the Tory challenge at the last general election in 2019, the Tories are now odds-on to take the seat that’s been Labour’s since 1997.

That’s perhaps not surprising given that the only apparent qualification that the new Labour candidate has is that she is the sister of Jo Cox, the former constituency MP who was murdered by a far-right extremist during the European Union referendum campaign in 2016.

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