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Get Assange out alive!

by New Worker correspondent

JEREMY CORBYN is demanding a meeting with Julian Assange amidst growing fears in the Assange camp that the jailed WikiLeaks founder will never leave prison alive. The former Labour leader went to Belmarsh jail this week to call on the governor to allow the meeting to take place.

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Marching against austerity

by New Worker correspondent

COMRADES joined thousands of Londoners who marched through central London last Saturday to demonstrate against the Tory government’s austerity regime.

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Celebrating China’s victories in London

by New Worker correspondent

NCP leader Andy Brooks joined other comrades and friends at an online seminar organised by the Chinese embassy in London last week. Four other members of the New Communist Party Central Committee, along with other British communists, academics, politicians and pillars of the British business community in China, took part in the "Symposium on the Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" (CPC) on 22nd June.

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China: 100 fighting years

by Andy Brooks

ONE HUNDRED years have passed since the foundation of the Communist Party of China on 23rd July 1921. China has risen from being a weak semi-feudal, semi-colonial country to become a force for peace in the global arena with the second largest economy in the world.

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Farewell to Alan

by New Worker correspondent

ALAN ROGERS’ funeral took place at Ipswich Crematorium on Wednesday 23rd June. A beautiful floral display of bright red roses adorned his coffin, symbolising his life-long dedication to the cause of socialism. The Humanist ceremony included tributes from his family and friends. His long-standing comrade and friend Pat Abraham sent her own moving tribute that was read during the ceremony. Alan’s granddaughter read one of his favourite poems: Invocation by PB Shelley.

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Poking the Bear

IN DAYS OF OLD, bear baiting was a sure way of drawing the crowds to watch the spectacle of a chained bear battle it out against ferocious dogs and betting on the outcome in pits that rivalled theatres in popularity in Shakespeare’s day. Spectators sometimes got hurt when the stands collapsed, but most of the suffering was endured by the hapless bears and dogs.

Happily, we’ve moved on from those days with bear baiting banned, along with most other blood sports, in 1835. But it seems that the imperialists have discovered another new game to divert the masses – and this time the consequences could go far beyond an accident in the arena.

Last week’s clash between a Royal Navy vessel and Russian coastal defences along the Black Sea fortunately didn’t go beyond the warning shots that fended off HMS Defender.

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Another Tory bites the dust

HEALTH SECRETARY Matt Hancock has fallen on his sword after an angry backlash over his breach of COVID‑19 rules hit the headlines last week.

When the media front-paged the footage of him kissing his mistress Gina Coladangelo at the Department of Health’s HQ in blatant breach of the COVID‑19 rules no-one could save him – not even Boris Johnson who, according to Dominic Cummings, had privately said that Hancock’s handling of the coronavirus crisis was “totally fucking hopeless”.

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