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The Fighting Fund

We’re back with a July appeal that’s kicked off with £2,000 in memory of Harry Danvers from Richmond & Kingston comrades and £200 in memory of Alan Rogers from a Southall comrade. A Notts supporter sent in £20 and a tranche of Bankers Orders came to another £230. All in all the running total for July now stands at £2,450. We now need £1,050 to hit our target for the month but there’s still a week’s post to sort out!

We’ve also had a good start to the special appeal that was launched last month and we’re almost on top of our lit orders (though banners still need to be sorted out). So while its not back to normal at the Centre things are picking up a little bit with the easing of the lockdown.

With the Tories in the lead and the Blairites on the warpath the future looks bleak for the left in the labour movement. That makes the voice of the New Worker even more vital in the days to come. We are the only communist weekly in Britain. Keep us going by sending your donations: