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Cuba: with the people, for the people!

by New Worker correspondent

MILLIONS OF CUBANS are closing ranks around the communist party following an abortive attempt by US imperialism to undermine the people’s government on the island.

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Football crazy…

by New Worker correspondent

READERS turning to the New Worker hoping to seek relief from football are going to be disappointed. This week we have a look at the 2,158 strong Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA), which as its name implies is the trade union for football players in England and Wales. There is another similar but separate PFA for Scotland.

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A call to the world from Beijing

by New Worker correspondent

BRITISH communists attended a special screening of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and World Political Parties Summit online event at the Chinese Embassy in London on 6th July, with Central Committee member Theo Russell representing the NCP.

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Still Looking Good

Review by Ben Soton

If you are a fan of EastEnders, you may be wondering what Adam Woodyatt (aka Ian Beale) has been up to AND then head to the theatre. He has been starring in the stage adaptation of the Peter James novel Looking Good Dead.

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1921 – A vivid panorama of revolution

Review by Keith Bennett

ALAN ROGERS' funeral took place at Ipswich Crematorium on Wednesday 23rd June. A beautiful floral display of bright red roses adorned his coffin, symbolising his life-long dedication to the cause of socialism. The Humanist ceremony included tributes from his family and friends. His long-standing comrade and friend Pat Abraham sent her own moving tribute that was read during the ceremony. Alan's granddaughter read one of his favourite poems: Invocation by PB Shelley.

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One down…

IN THE good old days disgruntled servants fed blackmailers and Fleet Street’s sordid Sunday papers with tittle-tattle that kept them going for years. Nowadays we have to make do with a seemingly endless stream of vitriol from Dominic Cummings. Now that Matt Hancock has gone the sacked Downing Street guru has returned to the fray to launch a new attack on Boris Johnson, courtesy of the BBC this week.

But what have we actually learned from his supposedly tell-all interview on the BBC? Well, Cummings tells us that his former master is a callous and stupid individual who held out to the last minute against demands for a second lock-down last year.

He implies that Johnson is under the thumb of his current wife and that he cannot handle the responsibilities of high office. Cummings claims he discussed ousting Johnson within days of the Conservatives winning the December 2019 election by a landslide and amazingly enough the former chief Brexiteer now says that anyone who says they are sure, five years after the result, that Brexit is a good thing must have a screw loose.

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