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Cuba is not alone!

by New Worker correspondent

CUBA’S FRIENDS are closing ranks to rush vital supplies to the socialist island, which is battling to stem a fresh wave of the coronavirus plague. Two massive Russian cargo planes packed with medical equipment have landed at Havana airport whilst ships from Mexico, Venezuela and Nicaragua are bringing in much needed fuel, food and medicines to the beleaguered island.

American agents tried to launch a wave of violence on the island hit by a surge in COVID-19 infections, and an economic slump provoked by the reinforcement of the US blockade and the pandemic.

Millions of Cubans took to the streets to defend their revolution whilst the police arrested several agents of imperialism and easily dispersed the handful of dissidents duped into taking part in bogus “SOS Cuba” protests organised by the Miami Mafia and US intelligence services earlier in the month. But the US disinformation campaign, launched by thousands of boilerplate anti-Cuba twitter accounts linked to an automated system that rapidly retweeted them all around the world, continues.

Twenty American lackeys, including south Korea, Israel, Kosovo, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, joined US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in calling on the Cuban government “to respect the legally guaranteed rights and freedoms of the Cuban people” and to “release those detained for exercising their rights to peaceful protests”.


In Havana the people’s government dismissed the Blinken call, which was based “on the support of a handful of countries that have been pressured to accept his decrees”, whilst holding the Americans responsible for the petrol bombing of the Cuban embassy in Paris that fortunately failed to do much damage to the building.

Over a million disposable face masks, other personal protection equipment and food arrived on Sunday in Cuba. This was part of the humanitarian aid package sent by the Kremlin in solidarity with the Cuban people in the midst of the pandemic and the intensification of the imperialist economic, commercial and financial blockade.

Three Mexican ships loaded with fuel are sailing to Havana. The first carries 100 million barrels of diesel that will be allocated to provide energy for hospitals on the island. The second ship is bringing humanitarian aid whilst the third, an amphibious warship, is taking medical supplies such as syringes, face masks and oxygen tanks, along with food such as powdered milk, beans, wheat flour, cans of tuna and edible oil.

lift sanctions

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has joined 400 other politicians, scientists, clerics, artists, musicians, leaders and activists from around the world in calling on Biden immediately to lift sanctions against Cuba.

The Let Cuba Live open letter calls on Biden to ease the sanctions on Cuba, remove former president Trump’s coercive measures and abandon Cold War politics.

It’s the first in a joint initiative between the People’s Forum, the CODEPINK women’s peace campaign and the anti-war ANSWER Coalition to change the immoral and short-sighted policy of the embargo towards Cuba, and to provide much-needed medicines and medical supplies to the Cuban people.

The letter says: “There is no reason to maintain the Cold War politics that required the US to treat Cuba as an existential enemy rather than a neighbour. Instead of maintaining the path set by Trump in his efforts to undo President Obama’s opening to Cuba, we call on you to move forward. Resume the opening and begin the process of ending the embargo. Ending the severe shortages in food and medicine must be the top priority…we ask you to end the Trump ‘coercive measures’ and return to the Obama opening or, even better, begin the process of ending the embargo and fully normalising relations between the United States and Cuba.”