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‘We must keep 1.5 alive’

by New Worker correspondent

SOARING TEMPERATURES and dry, gusty winds are fuelling wildfires in Africa, Europe and North America. Wild fires are raging through California and more than 40 people, including 25 soldiers, have died fighting the flames in northern Algeria. Climate change campaigners are demanding urgent global action to halt the global warming that has led to persistent hotter and drier weather throughout the world, and a United Nations agency warns that the climate crisis is unfolding faster and more violently than previously thought.

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Thankful for small mercies

by New Worker correspondent

IN THE EAST of England workers won what they called a “sweet” pay deal that amounted to 3.5 per cent. They were, after all, employed by British Sugar at its factories in Newark, Wissington, Cantley and Bury St Edmunds. This came after they rejected a two per cent offer.

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Another French connection

Review by Ben Soton

BBC1 is currently screening the second and final series of Baptiste, a gripping drama in which the retired French police officer Julien Baptiste (played by Tchéky Karyo) tracks down missing persons, those whom the regular police are incapable of locating. The drama emerged from an earlier series, The Missing, originally shown in 2014, in which the main character played a prominent role. The French detective was later revived when the first Baptiste series was launched in 2019.

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End of the road in Afghanistan

AS THE LAST American troops withdraw from Afghanistan the sectarian Taliban Muslim militia has seized nine provincial capitals in an offensive than now directly threatens what poses as the national government in Kabul.

In 2001, an American-led invasion drove the Taliban out of Kabul to install a puppet regime in the “war on terror” that the imperialists launched following the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. The invasion of Iraq soon followed, along with “regime change” in Libya and a less than covert bid to do the same in Syria that was thwarted by the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the timely intervention of the Russian air force.

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Starmer’s gravy train

Plans to encourage people who have never been members of the Labour Party to run for parliament on the Labour ticket show just how out of touch Starmer & Co are with the rank and file of the movement they claim to lead. Whilst the “future candidates programme” was launched in 2011 during Ed Miliband’s leadership, allegedly to encourage more workers to stand in the constituencies, the current manoeuvre is simply another ploy to propel more Blairites into the Parliamentary Labour Party.

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