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National News

A blaze of glory

by New Worker correspondent

THE Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

It recently lost a claim for unfair dismissal made by a Eurosceptic full-time official, Paul Embery, whose crime was to have made a pro-Brexit speech two years ago in his private capacity as the national organiser of Trade Unionists Against the EU. Embery was sacked because he made some unflattering comments about right-wing Labour leaders attempting to reverse the referendum result whilst sharing a platform with Nigel Farage. This, the FBU claimed, broke the union’s rule imposing neutrality on officers during the original campaign.

After losing an internal appeal he took the case to an Employment Tribunal where he emerged triumphant, with the judge saying the FBU’s “investigation looked like no more than a witch-hunt, a fishing exercise…the tribunal overwhelmingly felt the matter was pre-determined”.

This unhappy event can, however, give us an excuse to have a more in-depth look at the FBU, past and present.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

ALEX Salmond’s new platform, the Alba Party, claims that it has grown so fast that it is looking for a bigger venue to hold its inaugural national conference next month. But its 6,000-odd members have already taken to the traditional nationalist pastime of fighting each other rather than their deadly enemies, who are either in the Scottish National Party (SNP) where most of them came from or the Scottish Conservative & Unionist party.

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Land Question

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

This week saw the ‘Glorious Twelfth’, when the grouse shooting season started across Britain. Around half a million are shot every year during the season, which begins on 12th August and ends on 30th November in Northern Ireland and 10th December in Scotland.

This is always a controversial matter at this time of year. Opponents of the ‘blood sports’, like the militant vegetarians in the Animal Liberation Front, loathe the shoots whilst conservationists deplore the fact that the ‘natural’ landscape is ruined to suit the grouse, which are extensively bred for the purpose. Questions of landownership also come into the equation.

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Corbynistas battle to reinstate former leader

by Oleg Burunov

JEREMY CORBYN’S supporters have hammered out a plan that may provide Labour Party members with the power to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP.

In October 2020 Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour Party after insisting that anti-Semitism in the party had been “dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents…as well as by much of the media”.

According to the Guardian, a proposal made by activists from the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy stipulates that an urgent rule change is needed to close a “gaping hole in the Labour Party rule book” and hand more authority to party members.

The newspaper cited the proposal as saying that “the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] is not accountable to [the] annual [Labour] conference” and that the new plan “would require the PLP and chief whip to report directly to the conference, including on MPs’ discipline, with the conference able to confirm or reject disciplinary decisions that are of concern to delegates”.

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International News

US bombs in bid to stem Taliban offensive

Radio Havana Cuba

THE USA has pitched B-52 Stratofortress bombers against the Taliban in Afghanistan, striking the militia in the recently captured city of Sheberghan. The sortie came as the Taliban reportedly reached Kunduz, the country’s fifth largest city.

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Snowden calls for shut down of Israeli spyware

Radio Havana Cuba

FRANCE’S National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) has confirmed that three French journalists had their devices infected with the Israeli spyware Pegasus.

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Palestinians continue hunger strike

Radio Havana Cuba

A PALESTINIAN commission for prisoners says 13 Palestinian inmates are still on hunger strike in Israeli prisons in protest at their indefinite, unfair and unexplained imprisonment.

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Hiroshima marks 76th anniversary of US nuclear attack

Radio Havana Cuba

HIROSHIMA marked the 76th anniversary last week of the first atomic bombing by the USA that killed over 140,000 people, as its mayor called world leaders to join efforts for total elimination of nuclear weapons.

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Venezuelan workers take over Kellogg’s

Fightback News (USA)

WORKERS in Venezuela have taken over a Kellogg’s cornflakes factory, now known as ‘Socialist Kellogg’. In the worker-controlled Kellogg factory, you now see the workers diligently making cornflakes and sugary cereals in new packages displaying the Venezuelan flag and the words “Together for Venezuela”. They are wearing black caps with red letters that say “Kellogg made in socialism”.

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Washington is committing new crimes against humanity

by Zhao Wencai

AS GLOBAL COVID‑19 cases crossed the gruesome 200‑million-mark last week and new variants are fuelling fresh surges, Washington is committing new crimes against humanity by trying to take the world hostage in the battle to beat the coronavirus.

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Nizar Qabbani: a Syrian poet who died in London

by Amal Farhat

NIZAR QABBANI was a Syrian poet who expressed his concern about the world and the interests of the people in his books, poems and the lyrics of many famous songs of celebrated Arab singers.

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The Second World War

JV Stalin - February 1946

IT WOULD BE WRONG to think that the Second World War was a casual occurrence or the result of mistakes of any particular statesmen, although mistakes undoubtedly were made. Actually, the war was the inevitable result of the development of world economic and political forces on the basis of modern monopoly capitalism. Marxists have declared more than once that the capitalist system of world economy harbours elements of general crises and armed conflicts and that, hence, the development of capitalism in our time proceeds not in the form of smooth and even progress but through crises and military catastrophe.

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The Warsaw Uprising: Truth and Lies

by Dougal MacDonald

MUCH HAS BEEN written by historians about the Warsaw Uprising in Poland that took place from 1st August to 2nd October 1944, during the Second World War. Much of it is false.

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