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Defend Ken Loach!

Ken Loach has been expelled from the Labour Party. Loach says he was kicked out after he refused to “disown” other victims of the Starmer purge. “I am proud to stand with the good friends and comrades victimised by the purge. There is indeed a witch hunt,” Loach said last weekend. “Starmer and his clique will never lead a party of the people. We are many, they are few. Solidarity.”

A life-long socialist, Loach never hid his past support for Trotskyist movements and George Galloway’s Respect Party when returned to the Labour fold in 2017. But his expulsion has nothing to do with what Loach did or did not do in the past. He’s been hounded out because of his high-profile backing of Jeremy Corbyn and his principled support for the Palestinians that includes support for the boycott Israel campaign.

Twenty MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and John McDonnell, along with five members of the House of Lords, have signed a statement in support of the campaigning film director. Headed by Richard Burgon, the Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group, the statement said Loach was an “outstanding socialist” whose expulsion was “shameful”.

Now the Zionists are demanding their heads as well. The veteran English film director has become the latest victim of the Blairite campaign to drive all the prominent Corbynistas out of the Labour Party. He certainly won’t be the last.