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Defending Democratic Korea!

by New Worker correspondent

NCP leader Andy Brooks joined Korean solidarity activists who were picketing the Foreign Office in central London last weekend. London comrades joined the demonstration in Whitehall on Saturday that was supported by other labour movement activists and friends of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea campaigning for peace in Korea and an end to sanctions against the DPRK. Defending Democratic Korea!

The protest, called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), highlighted Britain’s involvement in new US provocations on the Korean peninsula that include the current military exercises in south Korea and the despatch of a Royal Navy carrier strike force to Korean waters.

Millions of pounds are being squandered to do the bidding of US imperialism in taking part in war games in direct violation of the inter-Korean agreements of 2018 and the DPRK–US joint statement that were hailed by the world as giving the hope of peace.

The last KFA picket in Whitehall was back in September 2020; but pickets had been a regular feature of KFA work in the capital before the lockdown.

Now, after an 11-month break due to Covid restrictions, the solidarity movement plans to return to public campaigning on the street. KFA Chair Dermot Hudson said future plans include resuming public meetings in London and returning to Whitehall on a regular basis throughout the year.